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Who We Are:

Clinical Security serves as a trusted advisor during a suspected data security event. From educating client staff to legal documentation of data security breaches, Clinical Security plays an integral part in limiting risk for healthcare organizations from all types Information Security Incidents. Clinical Security conducts data breach education at all levels of an organization and helps triage security events, manage incidents, conduct forensics analysis, and play a client-advocacy roll and expert testimony when a compliance authority investigates a breach. Our clients hold a vast amount of private patient data and internal records; Clinical Security holds the right tools and industry professionals to reinforce the barriers that surround that data as well as the business processes that create, manage, and utilize that data. If a healthcare organization has experienced a data breach or is interested in reducing the likelihood of a data breach, they do not need to look any further than our name: Clinical Security.

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What We Do:

Vulnerability Management

Hundreds of vendors. Thousands of applications. Millions of employee gaps. How do you ensure each and every piece of patient data is safe and secure?

Furthermore, as you evaluate new vendors and install new systems how do you assess risk and negotiate HIPAA-compliant contracts? Clinical Security is your vendor advocate and contract expert for healthcare IT. We’ll scan your systems and work with your vendors to identify vulnerabilities, remediate concerns and support you throughout ONC audits.

Using a holistic, preventative approach, Clinical Security offers the following technology and services:

  • Infrastructure and Server Vulnerability Scans
  • Remediation Reports
  • Contract Reviews
  • Education
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Response

Security Audits & Plans

You know the risk. You’ve heard the breaches. You’ve seen the Wall of Shame. You’re ready to achieve Meaningful Use. Everything points to a risk assessment, security audit and HITECH-ready, security plan. So where do you start?

Clinical Security brings together law enforcement-level technology and computer forensics expertise to fully prepare your organization and protect your data. Preventative and holistic, Clinical Security offers the following services to hospitals and academic medical centers.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Compliance Review
  • Security Plan & Budget
  • Education

Executive Reporting

Data is the new bottom line. But convincing your senior executives to invest in Information Assurance (IA) and data breach prevention technology is one of your biggest struggles. Until a massive breach occurs, executives don’t really understand the business impact of a breach and reputational harm.

Clinical Security is uniquely qualified to engage your executive team, present a financial return on investment and classify risk; in language and reports that the C suite can easily comprehend. Let our law enforcement background offer you the protection and type of IT security partner you need to comply with HIPAA and HITECH. We’ll even educate your executive team and cost-justify your future security spending.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Enterprise Scorecard
  • Data Classification
  • Executive Awareness
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